About Us

QCI Group

The QCI Group™ is a consortium of three individually held corporations focused on the delivery, management, and cost control of public and private architectural and engineering building projects.  The companies within the QCI Group™ are: Quality Control Inspection, Inc., QCI-CE, Inc., and The Morf Corporation.  Through the professional and technical resources of these individual corporations, the QCI Group™  provides construction solutions customized to the needs of the client and the demands of the project; regardless of size or complexity.

Quality Control Inspection

The QCI Group is flag shipped by Quality Control Inspection, Inc. (QCI). Incorporated in 1986, QCI is the oldest division and provides the technical foundation of the QCI Group™.  Through a trusted history of providing independent construction observation (inspection) and contract administration services, QCI has been a valued asset for architects and engineers requiring support services during the construction of public and private improvements.  With a balanced compilation of technical and contract administrative experts, QCI is revered as a long-standing support services provider.  QCI has the unique ability to integrate time-tested project delivery methods that support the work of whomever maintains responsible charge of the project.  Whether that be the owner, architect, and/or engineer. 

QCI-CE, Inc.

QCI-CE, Inc., an Ohio licensed Engineering Corporation, serves as QCI Group’s professional engineering arm with a focused mission of providing comprehensive construction project management.  These services include, but are not limited to:       construction engineering, construction administration, owner representation, and project management of public and private sector civil engineering and architectural projects.  QCI-CE can assume the role of “responsible charge”, or can provide professional techniques that complement the team's resources when a project demands professional staffing.